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. we'll check back with you. thanks. >>> the san francisco archbishop has always been a vocal critic. but now he tells us a catholic newspaper, legislating for the right for people of the same sex to marry is like legalizing male breastfeeding, unquote. he says people should avoid using the term gay marriage because people might fool themselves into thinking it's quote, an authentic reality. >>> one bay area family will not be going to sleep tonight, not after what has happened the past two nights. someone is clearly out to get the family who lives in willow glen. kiet do is there tonight. >> reporter: ken, we actually woke the family up from their afternoon nap as they were resting for their all-nighter. i asked them if they thought these vandals would be crazy enough to come by three nights in a row, and they said they weren't taking any chances. it all started monday night, when someone threw yellow paint on their car and slashed the tires. the second night, vandals took it to a whole new level and doused the front door with gas and set
, juliette goodrich is at the hall of justice in san francisco with what police are saying tonight. >> reporter: tonight, san francisco police are investigating this sexual assault allegation involving 49ers' wide receiver michael crabtree. as of tonight, amid this investigation, cbs 5 has learned he is in atlanta with his team. san francisco police say the alleged sexual assault involving 49ers' michael crabtree occurred in a san francisco hotel room last sunday morning after the 49ers play-off victory over the green bay packers. today, crabtree was practicing with the team in santa clara. our cameras caught him literally running late to board the team bus as it was en route to the airport and then on to atlanta. in a news release, the san francisco police department said, quote, michael crabtree has been interviewed with his lawyer present and has cooperated in this investigation. michael crabtree has not been detained or arrested and has agreed to make himself available to investigators in the future. the 49ers say they are aware of the al
rates. san francisco tax attorney rob wood says you will notice on the paycheck one popular tax cut will be history. >> say the average person earning $1,500 a year will earn $20 more in tax increases. >> reporter: it extends unemployment benefits for one year and keep the child tax credit for workers who don't earn enough to pay income taxes. and the alternative minimum tax got a tax for inflation. that shields an average of $300,000 each in higher taxings. get ready for a confusing tax season. >> it's very likely that people will not be able to file on time and not be able to get the refunds and that the computers will not be all set up to take in account the new laws that we think are being passed. >> reporter: house members are due back in the hospital at noon tomorrow and vote on the compromise bill that the senate just passed. sharon chen. >> reporter: breaking news out of sacramento tonight, five people have been shot at a new year's eve celebration along the river front. at least two have died. about 40,000 people were gathered for a fireworks show. so far there's no word on
suffers from a mental illness. >>> tens of thousands of partiers are streaming into san francisco, ready to ring in the new year. elissa harrington is at the embarcadero with a behind-the- scenes look at the biggest party in town. >> reporter: well, it is a clear night, perfect for that fireworks show that starts right at the stroke of midnight. >> woo! >> reporter: wild wigs, whacky glasses, champagne. it's new year's eve with thousands ringing in 2013 in san francisco on this clear and chilly night. >> pretty cold. it keeps my ears warm. >> it was sawsome. hey, if the giants got a world series again -- i'm a huge giants fan. >> reporter: crowds stake out the embarcadero every year for one main thing. the fireworks. jeff thomas with pyrospectacular shows us some last-minute preparations. they're in charge of new year's eve, also the 4th of july and the golden gate bridge anniversary show, behind the magic of about 5,000 works and effects. a crew of 20 and lots of preparation. >> there's months of design that we do, actually working on the computer, designing how we want, when we want th
friday in san francisco's tenderloin district. the woman was looking for a cell phone in her car. she says a man walked up and demanded money. he pocket-checked her and got only a few dollars. the woman says her 12-year-old dog roxie was in the car and barked at the suspect. >> when she didn't have enough money, he took her dog, lifted it over his head and hurled it into moving traffic. >> reporter: support for the woman has been pouring in. a few even offered her a new dog. but she's not ready to move on. >> in time. but right now, i'm grieving. >> reporter: we showed her the surveillance footage. she posted it on a facebook page, set up in memory of roxie. police say the african-american man is about 6-foot-1, lean and clean shaven. >> we're gonna get you. >> reporter: police hope if anyone recognized the man in this video, they will call san francisco police. there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >>> the man who was swept out to sea trying to save his dog has been identified as 59-year- old charlie quaid of richmond. they were walking their dog at point re
death row. a few hours ago, the city of san francisco reached a deal with charlie's owner, david. >> david relinquished ownership of charlie so that we could place him with a rescue sanctuary. >> reporter: charlie, the nearly two-year-old pit bull, will not be euthanized. he was sentenced to death back in august after he chased and attacked a police horse. that happened at crissy field. since then, his owner has been rallying for his dog's life, launching a huge internet campaign, which received more than 100,000 signatures. animal control officials say he never took responsibility for his dog. the city attorney agreed to spare charlie's life with a catch. he would have to give up his dog, sign him over to a sanctuary or rescue organization. >> he will have no contact with the future owner in any way, shape or form. he will receive updates quarterly about charlie's health and well-being. and that concluded the matter. >> reporter: beverly is a dog like charlie who has attacked in the past. they can be rehabilitated. >> i think it's possible f
it back in 1984. police in san francisco have begun a massive search with teacher, friends and searching for the fourth greater amount. >> pictures and posters will be put out. his younger brother fears the neighborhood. >> word of to his possible kidnapping has affected the children in the area. i heard about it on the radio. >> what do you think about that. >> i'm not going to wait at night. i wait only if a grownup is with me. >> tonight that cold case is heating up. police spent the day digging at a house ablock away from where the boy was last seen. don knapp is at that house. >> you recall many of us who cover that story recall the first big story of a missing child we would cover and many came after that. after many tremendous. >> police are not saying why they are newed the search. cadaver dogs indicated there were bones in a garage. >> the concrete was removed and several bohns were -- bones were located. the medical examiners did respond to evaluate the bones, at this time under investigation it's determined the bones are bel
released this statement, saying he expects a celebratory and peaceful super bowl sunday in san francisco. he encouraged bar and restaurant owners to use their best judgment when serving alcohol and not serve visibly intoxicated patrons. >> well, i think to myself, no duh. >> reporter: they'll be keeping a close eye out for potential troublemakers. >> don't be dumb. let's just have a good time. don't destroy other people's property, you know. make it a fun night. >> reporter: bartenders say they won't hesitate to cut you off if you're drunk. >> being a bartender, we won't tolerate any, you know, people getting out of control, especially not here in the bar anyway. >> reporter: as they say, let's not tear down the city, and show the world we're high-class fans. after the niners beat the falcons last week, they celebrated with respect, something to keep in mind as they are trying to bring the super bowl here to the bay area in 2016. live in san francisco, kiet do, cbs 5. >> good advice. >>> a few of the 49ers have found a different way to stay a littl
a list of san francisco restaurants that are not following the city's health care law. it's a long list and sharon chin tells us that they are charging customers extra, but not giving all that extra money to the employees who deserve it. >> reporter: when you dine out at san francisco you pay a little extra to help fund the workers health care. but the city attorneys say that dozens of restaurants are not using all that money for their employees. some people find it hard to swallow. >> i think it's terrible. the waiters and staff are living off tips and don't normally get full benefits. >> they can start charging 4.5% on my bill if it is not going to the right place. >> they are telling 50 restaurants to clean up their acts in three months. >> by doing so they could avoid litigation at my office for consumer fraud. >> reporter: we don't know which of the thousands of restaurants are under investigation, but we have obtained a list of 100 who reported they have taken far more money than they have paid out in employee health costs. in 2011 they co
. this san francisco store turned 415 into a brand is blaze but the area code for some parts is expected to run out of numbers by october 2015. >> i don't think the 415 will fully go away. everybody will still want that piece of 415. >> reporter: they held their first meetings to ask the public what it thinks of the new area code. it has two options it can split the region so one part keeps 415 and the rest, even current 415 phones would change to 628. no one knows where the split would happen or go to an overlay and add it in the 415 region. even local calls in area codes would require you to dial 1 plus the 10 digit number. long time san franciscans want to keep 415 and would prefer to hang up on the idea of hanging up on their number or dialing more. >> no one wants to dial more numbers they want it the same. if you make a mistake and have to dial the first number and then the next and so forth then you have so many numbers you have to dial it is confusing. >> reporter: santa clara county has already gone through its 669 overlay in the 408 region. c
freezing. san francisco mieder, 44. fremont, 36, vallejo 35, so baby steps back to normal temperatures buzz been chilly. san jose 34 and livermore an average low over the past seven days of 30 degrees. radar is clear with that big dome of high pressure over top of us. we're going to stay clear on cbs 5 high deaf doppler for awhile, and this is a huge ridge of high pressure about a thousand miles offshore not coming down until you get to eastern montana and north dakota. that's a big ridge and going to be centered -- this is key it's going to be centered right over top of us over the next couple of days. that means slowly the atmosphere will continue to warm. some of you will hit 60 degrees tomorrow. most of us will get there on thursday. once we get there the temperatures aren't going to move much. we will be above normal for much of the next week once we get there tomorrow. the amps will get milder and will be somewhere close to 60 degrees just about every day for the next week so tomorrow we're back to normal. average high for san jose 59 tomorrow. 59 greece. santa clara 59. los gatos 59
. >> reporter: starting this week, san francisco diners will have one more help. yelp will now post health department results. it will post the numerical grade given to the restaurant on its last inspection. >> anything from the structural condition of the restaurant to if there's any type of vermin there to how they handle the food. >> reporter: the san francisco health department says its sharing the information to help better protect consumers. >> i think it's great, the more information you can find out, the better. >> reporter: but people in the restaurant business are giving the plan mixed reviews. >> it's a good idea to post it, but why do they post it on yelp? >> reporter: patrick albert, whose restaurant gets a great score, isn't a big fan of yelp. >> yelp, you never know what you get. >> reporter: joshua also has a beef. >> some inspectors are very picky. some inspectors are very lenient. so it depends on who you get to get inspected. >> reporter: but that may not matter to san francisco foodies who have plenty of places to choose from. >>
advisory for areas in the east day and south bay right along san francisco bay. temperatures for the month have been well below normal. san jose 5.5 degrees below normal, concord and san francisco 3 degrees below normal. after tonight things change. when the 60s come back to the forecast in a few minutes. >>> thank you paul. it will be a cold night for dozens of people in larks burg. about 30 customers still don't have power after a big redwood tree came crashing down the 150- foot tree took down utility linesmashed into a house. the tree's roots were decayed and pg and e crews are working through the night they expect to have power back on by 7:00 a.m. >>> watch out for black ice. this is why. this is what happened in berkeley, one car hit a patch of black ice, lost control, and set off a chain reaction pile up near the claire mount resort. 7 cars crashed. fortunately no one was hurt. >>> a sudden surge in gang violence has turned the streets of oakland into a war zone. there have been 16 shootings in the past 3 days. the latest just 3 hou
on across the board spending cuts. president of the san francisco republican assembly. >> they're spending much more. we're borrowing to spend just as we had an addiction with spending. our spending multiplies. so has our addiction. >> reporter: this fiscal cliff is over but congress will have another standoff when lawmakers must consider raising the federal borrowing limit so the government can keep paying its bills. tomorrow mr. obama warned he will not have a debate over this congress. >> someone gets swept out to see. this time a couple was out walking their dog when they were hit by a dangerous wave. cbs 5 reporter on the rescue and how it ended. >> a couple out for a new year's day walk got into serious trouble when they were hit by a sneaker wave. the woman and dog were knocked down. the man jumped in after them. this happened this after. >> while that was happening either the dog was trying to be rescued by the husband or he was trying to assist with her and he was swept out and they were unable to get him. >> the dog made it back to shore. the 59-year-old man did not. a witness sa
cooler, wetter. 13 days with not a drop of rain in san francisco. we will not make it through 14. we'll keep the winning streak going for the niners. winning streak for dry weather just about gone there. the leading edge of rainfall that will get here tomorrow. livermore, 14% of our january rainfall. that's it. san francisco right now, 3%. that's it. 3% of your average january rainfall. what a wet december and january mother nature turned the tap off. the clouds, you got that today. you'll have them out there tonight. all the moisture streaming up from the south will collide from the front. there's not that much moisture available. you'll get rain, but you're not going to have any problems. just scattered showers. primarily tomorrow afternoon. it's the leading edge of a pattern change that will have us looking to the north and west. gone is the dome of high pressure. that will keep us somewhat cooler. somewhat cloudier. a little reality check weatherwise. rainfall totals, very, very unimpressive. not looking at much at all around san francisc
in san francisco. two other people who were there told investigators that crabtree didn't assault anyone and police haven't found any evidence. >>> your super bowl station! here's a live look at san francisco's city hall, all lit up, in red and gold. get used to it. as for the niners, we got our first look at them on the field since their championship game. >> and dennis o'donnell is here. a lot of work for the niners to do. what do they have to accomplish between now and super bowl? >> first of all, even players without siblings suddenly have 21 brothers and sisters. it's amazing. if you're not careful, you became a ticket broker. one of the biggest challenges for a super bowl-bound football team is to avoid distractions. the 49ers announced they will arrive in new orleans around 5:30 p.m. on sunday. they've got the infamous media day on tuesday. friday, jim and john harbaugh will hold a joint press conference. so these practices are important because they come without super distractions. just ask jonathan goodwin. >> say no to your distant
bunch of you have been sending in your photos. meet 9-year-old rose bava who came to san francisco in 1952 and has been a season ticket holder the last 30 years. >> it's a family affair for these guys in east palo alto all decked out in red and gold and don't they look great. >> check out these guns. this is raul's version of the kaepernick pose. he tells us he's been a 49ers fan since the '80s. >> and while we can't see donna from san francisco, these are her fingernails. you think she was able to do that herself? she's got the spirit, too. >> that's pretty good. send us your photos to we'll player as many as we can every night. keep them coming. >> it's just bursting out of people. they've got to show it, undefeated in super bowls. we're going to stay that way, aren't we? >> yes, we are. >>> we've been unrained on about 10 days. that's going to change, one thing we do want to change. clear skies allowing us to cool off rapidly in our inland valleys again, concord, livermore, santa rosa, you'll have frost on that front lawn. c
in front of a hayward shopping center back in 1988. >>> san francisco police want you to take a good look at this guy. they believe he may have killed the woman seen walking with him in this surveillance video. 46-year-old elia cruz is the victim. this was the last time she was seen alive. she was found dead in her tenderloin apartment a short time later. investigators have been searching for her killer since october. >>> president obama will probably spell out some of his ideas to reduce gun violence by next week. we're hearing he'll use his state of the union address next month to push his plan. reporter major garrett has learned some of what the president is planning to propose. >> reporter: the president wants congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. vice president biden has devoted this week to hearing from all sides, including the nra, tomorrow. >> we're here today to do -- urgent action, and the president and i are determined to take action. >> reporter: he met today with victims of gun violence and gun- control
for san francisco. find out which one night will likely be the coldest of the year. that's coming up. the ones who inspire us the ones who make us laugh, the ones with the strong shoulder to lean on the ones we're named after, and the ones named after us. it takes all kinds of good to make a family. at new york life everything we do is to help you keep good going. before he sideswiped the bay bridge. the vessel >>> we learned that way, went out to the tanker pilot right before he sideswiped the bay bridge. the u.s. coastguard said vessel traffic service warned the pilot moments before his tanker grazed a brim tower. right now the overseas reymar is anchored off treasure island. that's where it's been since yesterday morning's crash. turns out the man at the helm is no stranger to maritime mishaps. captain guy kleess was involved in three previous minor scrapes. in august of '09 his ship was briefly grounded in the sacramento river. two days later he damaged a dock at the port of stockton. in may of 2010 captain kleess was supervising a trainee on a tugb
just learned that san francisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire has been arrested at an oakland hotel. he will be charged with attempted murder and arson for yesterday's attack in the bay view the victim, 25-year-old star lamar is still in hospital with life threatening injuries. >> people at a liver more restaurant got more than they bargained for today when an suv smashed into the building they were having lunch in. it happened just afternoon at strings italian cafe. police say the driver of a parked cadillac escalade thought the vehicle was in reverse he hit the accelerator, jumped the curb and the rest is what you see there. the car went shooting forward, right through the wall into the dining room and out the other side of the building. >> we were sitting having lunch right about there, and all of a sudden almost through the meal and this explosion happened and the cadillac escalade flew through at 20 miles an hour. >> the worst injury was a broken leg the structure itself was not damaged. >>> firefighters in san jose are not
to the city, so they have a lot of good things to learn, san francisco does, from this town. >> absolutely. learn from the best. learn from new orleans. you guys look like you're having so much fun and it's just monday! >> reporter: just monday. we have a long way to go. >> it is? one day at a time, liz. one day at a time. >> just getting started, dennis. all right. have fun. >>> well, last week we told you about the mayor of san francisco and his call to bar owners to be careful. he doesn't want them to overserve anybody. well, tonight the city's bartenders tell sharon chin they have a message for the mayor. >> reporter: he says this would sidesline his mission district business. >> by not allowing us to do our job. >> reporter: he is an ambassador to the u.s. bartenders guild. he represents one of the trade groups that's taking a stand against lee's suggestion. he calls it a ridiculous idea and urges the city to avoid demonizing a perfectly legal product. he says he understands the mayor wants to prevent the kind of riots that erupted after
is the cold weather as well. just how cold is it? first off, a beautiful view of the port of san francisco with the abundance of clear skies. yet another view taking a look at the ferry building, all aglow for 49er action on saturday night. temperature-wise, we're already into the 30's in livermore. in santa rosa also. winds are gusting, up to 16. but they're now dying down at the lower levels, down to about 3 and 9 miles per hour. 29 degrees, the overnight low expected in santa rosa. below freezing in napa, glen ellen and also in sonoma. somebody will drop down to 26. when you see these areas in red, that's where we have a freeze warning in effect by tomorrow morning's commute. also the blue areas, most of the bay area, 20's and 30's for overnight lows. san jose, you'll dip down to an overnight low of 31. we do have a dry weather pattern in the offing, but cool temperatures, at least for the next seven days. here is the cold front that has now shut down i-5 due to the snow and icy conditions. a lot of cold air masses right here in place, as we're under
's been moving west. san francisco? honolulu? the man knows how to stay anonymous; not even a parking ticket to his name. they've got him. off a credit card used at an econo xpress in washington. seattle swat has the room surrounded. all right. the suspects surrendered after ten minutes of negotiation, unarmed and compliant. hold on. you say "suspects"? we thought he was alone. he picked up a partner at a truck stop in bakersfield. white male, 20s, stunningly poor hygiene. their hotel room was set up for low-level meth manufacturing. looks like they were settling in for a couple of weeks. here's your suspect. who's that? the credit cards you had, where'd you get them? uh, a mark something. i-i know him from a bar in l.a. i needed to get out of town. he sold me the card for 200. sydney, new york, chicago, l.a. all cities with mass transit, fine arts, architecture. they're all near bodies of water, have easy access to transportation. charlie, anything mathematical, logical? i don't know. you guys have all the experience in finding fugitives. don... ...remember how you could never lay of
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)